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Spiritual Warfare Can Be Practicle...

Spiritual Warfare Can Be Practicle...

The 'Spiritual Warfare' Masterclass Will Help You:

  • Become Familiar with Practical & reusable Strategies to Overcome Satan's Tactics in your life.
  • Walk in Victory
  • And be positioned for Spiritual Growth in the process

Walking in Victory & Freedom in Christ is possible for anyone!

This Masterclass is For...

Those Who are walking with Christ but are finding themselves Continuously falling into the Devil's Temptations.

Ps. This doesn't necessarily mean you're a bad person. You may just need wisdom, Strategy, & Guidance.

New Christians Who Want to be Well Equipped Ahead of Time.

One thing I am an advocate For is for being "Proactive" so we don't have to be "Reactive". If You are a new believer this would be a great Masterclass to enroll in.

Anyone who wants to learn spiritual warfare strategies.

Disclaimer: This is not a deliverance Class. It is a Class that will teach Spiritual Growth strategies as to "how combat the tactics & Temptations of the enemy against your walk with Christ and day to day life". If you are looking for deliverance or a deliverance class I would recommend speaking to your pastor and asking your pastor or One on One Mentor for a recommendation for you.

The Spiritual Warfare Masterclass - Bundle


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